SG-Anni vom Haus Jansen
"a" Normal (hips) - "a" Normal (elbows), ZW 85


DOB: 07/08/2008





Anni is a German Import with excellent character, temperament, drives and structure. She has a deep mahogony red and black stock coat, which is usually found in the male German Shepherd Dog. Anni is a strong female, with a protective nature of her home and family. However, she is also a loving and devoted dog, and enjoys being part of our family. Anni was a security working dog in Germany before she arrived in Texas in June 2010. She has proven to be an excellent producer of both family dogs and working dogs. Anni is an excellent mother and produces both stock and long coats, enhanced with deep red pigment.

Anni is the daughter of the V-Hansolo von Tronje, SchH3, IP3, FH1, KKL1 "a" fast normal (photo unavailable)and V-Hetty von Haus Weiler, SchH1, "a" normal (top photo below)! She is the granddaughter of VA-Ghandi von Arlet, Sch3, KKL1, "a"normal (left photo below) and VA-Nando vom Gollerweiher, Sch3, IP3, FH2, KKL1, "a" fast normal (right photo below).

V-Hetty von Haus Weiler, SchH1

VA-Ghandi von Arlett (Anni's father's sire - Above Left) & VA-Nando vom Gollerweiher (Anni's mother's sire - Above Right)



We would like to express our most sincere THANKS to Michael Hintzen in Germany for this outstanding female!



MEET A FEW OF Anni's progeny from her 1st litter of pups (Orumhaus V Litter) (Sire was Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloss)! The pups in the photos below are range in age.


THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS are pups from Anni's 3rd litter of pups (Orumhaus Y Litter) (Sire was Ice vom Kirschental). The pups in the photos below are about 7 months old.

Yva Marie will remain at Orumhaus and hopefully become part of our breeding program in the future.


PHOTOS from Anni's 4th litter (Orumhaus AA Litter) - COMING SOON!

Watch for more photos of Anni's progeny!




Last Update: 10/25/2013