This is the legislation as it currently exists in New Brunswick but the dates would appear to indicate that it has been updated at some point -- David Boyd & Lorraine Eden, 02/08/00.



The Human Rights Act of New Brunswick - 1976 (as amended and consolidated in 1985) - Chapter 31; New Brunswick Regulation 84-283 under the Health Act of 1984

New Brunswick Human Rights legislation extends the prohibition against discrimination to include physical disabilities. As defined in the statute, these include the right to be accompanied by a dog guide; consequently, dog guide users have a legal right to equal employment, equal housing accommodations, and equal access to and the use of all public accommodations, services, and facilities to which the public customarily is invited.

The Health Act of 1984 also exempts dog guides from prohibitions against live animals in areas where food is served, and with the agreement of the district medical health officer, a dog guide may also be present in areas where food is prepared.

Equal employment covers all employees as well as membership in professional or trade organizations.

Housing accommodations include the rental of residential and commercial properties, as well as the purchase of real estate.

Public accommodations and facilities include stores, restaurants, hotels, public conveyances, and other places to which the public customarily is admitted.

Violation: Enforcement is centered in the Human Rights Commission.