Diana Boyd not sounding off

Published in the Saint Croix Courier, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, December 28, 1977.

diana3.jpg - 6512 Bytes    Diana Boyd of St. Stephen was recently appointed by Premier Hatfield as the Charlotte County representative on the provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women. (Photo is a current picture of Mrs. Boyd courtesy of her son, David.)

"I don't represent any special group but hope I represent women as a whole. I think I was appointed because I am an average working woman who knows what it is like to work and raise a family at the same time. Perhaps my qualities are needed to make the group representative of the women of the province."

Mrs. Boyd has worked for local insurance firms since 1960. She was trained as a secretary in England. She and her husband Garnet met in London during World War II. He was in the RCNVR and she worked for the department of overseas trade. In 1947 they came to Canada. The couple have three grown children.

Mrs. Boyd's name was submitted to the premier's office as a candidate for the advisory council by the St. Stephen IODE. She was one of a number of candidates submitted from the area.

"Having been a working woman in this province, I think equal pay is still an issue, especially in private industry. I feel there are laws on the books that are outdated in regards to women. I hope the council can look into those laws and participate in changing them. A lot of women feel they have been discriminated against." As an example, Diana cited that "a woman cannot easily get a bank loan without her husband's say-so."

"I don't want to sound off on a pile of issues until I have met with the other women on the council and see what the group as a whole is interested in." Mrs. Boyd is presently volunteering her services to literacy classes offered in the St. Stephen area. "I hope I can do something for anyone who is disabled. The public as a whole treats them as second class citizens."

Mrs. Boyd helped her husband, who was blinded in an auto accident, compile briefs to the provincial government on the needs of the blind. As a result of these briefs, legislation was passed in the province this past year, and since then, the other Maritime provinces have passed legislation for the blind as well.

Mrs. Boyd is interested in attending the Memramcook Women's Conference in early April to see what the women of the province consider the priorities for the Advisory Council on the Status of New Brunswick Women.

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