V-Nego (Nikki) vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1,
"a" Normal,  ZW. 94


Nikki at 9 months old

Nikki at 2 years old

CLICK HERE to see Nikki training in Germany

Nikki's first litter was bred in Germany while Nikki was in training under the supervision of Karl & Marion Fuller,
of the Kirschental Kennels.  Seven pups were produced.  For a first time "DAD", just look at the color on those pups below!

@ 7 weeks old
@ 4 weeks old
Boys @ 4 weeks old
Arisa (Nikki daughter @ 11 weeks old)
The following litter was the first litter we produced by the use of progesterone testing of a female and the use of Extended Fresh Semen Collection and Artificial Insemination.  Nikki was in Texas and Matilda in Tennessee.  Eleven puppies resulted from this breeding.

Nikki's Progeny: CLICK on the thumbnails below to pull up a larger photo.

Millie loves the snow
Freda, Farrah & Fresca
Luther (Eli)
Luther (Eli)
Pup from Nikki & Gitti
Lord Xerxes
Lord Xerxes
Lord Xerxes & Kendall 2 years later

As you can see from the photos of Nikki's progeny, he truly produces ... World Class Pups!
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