Germany & the Czech Republic in May 2005

Some of the Photos taken by: Claudia Orum, Mary Comte and Kristen Rathjen

Bamberg, Germany Cathedral
Bamberg Museum
Schinnderhannes Guest House

Schloß Seehof in Germany

Cologne, Germany Street Artist
Cologne, Germany Along the Rhine River
Cologne, Germany Cathedral
Michael Hintzen & Family
Michael's working line GSD pup
Another one of Michael's working GSD pups
Yeap... it's a working pup!
Michael & pup have a talk!
Josef Pflaum (left) and Juergen & Jackie Gruebel (right)
The Pflaum's Garden House
Roman Bug and daughter in Kourim, CR
Prague, Czech Republic Klara Machocka, Claudia Orum, Mary Comte and Kristen Rathjen (left-right)
Prague, Czech Rep. Blacksmith
Prague, Czech Rep.
Prague, Czech Republic Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic Peacock Decor

Prague, Czech Rep.
Prague, Czech Republic
Jaroslav Machocky and Kveta Bugova
Hlavacek Farmhouse 1900
Hlavacek Farmhouse 2005 with Milan, Julius, Mary, Roman, Claudia, Kveta & Jaroslav (left-right)
Hlavacek Farm
Kourim, Czech Republic
Roman Bug and Daughter
Oslavany, Czech Rep. Cemetary
Ostrava, Czech Rep. Klara, Mary, Jana, Karolina, Claudia & Kristen
Ostrava, Czech Rep. Karolina, Claudia & Kristen
Ostrava, Czech Republic Church
Frenstat, Czech Rep.
The Machocky Family Karolina, Jaroslav, Klara, & Jana (left to right)
Roznov, Czech Rep. Ivan & Daniela Kocadja of the z. Lintichu Kennels in Slovakia, join us at the Valasske Museum
Roznov, Czech Republic Ivan & Daniela Kocadja visit with Claudia
Valasske Museum Rest. Claudia Orum and Daniela & Ivan Kocadja have lunch at discuss German Shepherds
Plzen, Czech Republic Trainstation

Over 350 photos was taken on our trip, and I have combined all our photos on our Vacation CD, so if you would like to see more photos from our vacation ... contact Claudia, Mary or Kristen! We had a GREAT TRIP!


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