Introducing our wonderful German Shepherds...
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Charro's Contessa view pedigree

Contessa's Progeny Photos!

Fran-Zando's Enna  view pedigree


Quana von der Roten Matter  view pedigree

Quana's Progeny Photos!

Pups from Quana x Xemo Litter - Born 6/22/98

      Atlas von Orumhaus      Astro von Orumhaus   Areba von Orumhaus   Amy von Orumhaus

                                                                Belen von Orumhaus    Belen von Orumhaus          Aaron von Orumhaus 
                                                                         3 months old              14 months old                6 months old 

                                                                                                       Aaron von Orumhaus
                                                                                                          9 months old


Quana vom Gleisenauer Schloß  view pedigree (pending)

Pictures coming soon!


Nego vom Kirschental (Nikki)  view pedigree

9 months old


CLICK HERE to see Nikki in Germany!

More Pictures Coming Soon!!!


Basko vom Turmstarker  view pedigree

                                                      18 months old                     2.5 years old                                        3 years old

Gritt v. d. Burg Austerlitz  view pedigree

8 weeks old                                                                                  16 weeks old

15 months old   and    18 months old


Angel aus Deesenland  view pedigree

 7 months old