Orumhaus "K" Litter Announcment

PUPS BORN 10/4/03!

Orumhaus Kennels proudly announces a REPEAT BREEDING of a wonderful litter! Enna and Gritt produced some fantastic pups in their previous litter. The pups were very intelligent, with a strong drive to please, ... only remarks of PRAISE from the owners of those pups.


Gritt von der Burg Austerlitz, BH, AD, OFA"Good"
Sire:  V-Fratz vom Teuchenwald, SchH3 (SG-BSP), FH, IP3           Dam:  SG- INDEIGH VOM SPEZIALBLUT, SchH1, "a" USA

** Fratz was 1996 USA SchH III Championship Vize-Sieger with 292 points (99 pts in protection)**
** Fratz was a two time Bundessieger competitor.**

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SG- Fran Zando's Enna  SchH1, AD, OFA-Good (GS-50451G30F-T)
CLICK HERE - To view complete pedigree of Enna


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Special Note: Pups from this litter will be sold to "select" homes! Training will be STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for these pups!

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L I T T E R    B O R N    1 0 / 0 4/ 2 0 0 3
( 0 ) Males                      ( 3 ) Females




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NEWBORN: Enna whelped her litter of pups on Saturday, October 4th.
WEEK ONE: Enna has plenty of milk and is a very attentive mom. Look at the photos below ... at this time, they have been sleeping ... eatting ... and sleeping some more.
WEEK TWO: The pups are growing and have started going through some changes. In week two, their eyes have opened, they are beginning to hear and are starting to respond to voices and noise. They are still completely on mother's milk, but are becoming a little more mobile and trying to walk on all fours and interact with each other.
WEEK THREE:: Things are really beginning to change now. The pups have started their weaning diet this week, but only one feeding a day of it. So mother's milk is still the main diet. The pups also received their first worming and toenail trimming. They are beginning to be more outgoing and listening to me when I talk to them. They are now starting to bark occasionally.
WEEK FOUR: This week has been the turning point from which a small pup crawling around turned into a puppy that can walk and run around a little. They have really started listening this week, and I can't even "sneak" by them anymore without a little head bouncing up... and coming over for me to pick up and play with. At the end of the 4th week, they have really taken to the "weaning diet", though they still wash it down with mother's milk. Their teeth are definitely there :) and they have learned to "growl" at each other this week. Pups were wormed again, and toenails trimmed.
WEEK FIVE: During the week, mom started to wean the pups and their appetites for their weaning food took on a big increase. Mom is still playing with them and licks them and corrects them. The pups developing personalities are beginning to come out. One of the Black/Tan pups prefers to stay out of her whelping box, and so she nows climbs out and back in on her on. As of today, (5.5 weeks old) the Sable female is now taking on climbing out, but has no desire to climb back in. All pups are very energetic and love to play with toys this week. Their new toy is a tennis ball, and they enjoy stealing it from each other and then taking off with it!
WEEK SIX and SEVEN: Since the last update, these pups have really grown and developed. They have experienced the most stressful period of their young puppyhood. Their mother has completely weaned them, though they still TRY when the opportunity comes by. All pups have now received their first set of puppy vaccinations, and another worming and toenails trimmed. They have moved from their indoor room to an outdoor puppy kennel area. They have a heat lamp and dog house with a blanket to lay on, but much more room to run and play, and also now have a chance to see and get acquainted with the "big dogs". At seven weeks, last Saturday, they received their tattoos in their right ears and were officially named... Kassie Nina, Katie and Kookie.
WEEK EIGHT: Since the last update, Kassie Nina has gone to her new home and is settling in nicely. Katie and Kookie are still available. On 11/28/03, they went to the vet and received their checkup. These girls are playful and loving, with lots of energy.
WEEK NINE/TEN: The pups are doing well and have received their second set of Puppy Shots and another worming.


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