ORUMHAUS "Winter 2012" LITTER -
Orumhaus Kennels produces another excellent litter!

***PUPS BORN October 25, 2012 ***

* 1 Males / 5 Females*


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SG-Ice vom Kirschental, "a" normal

Sire:  V-Panjo vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" fast normal  
V-Laiga vom Kirschental, HGH, KKL-1, "a" normal

** Ice is the grandson of VA Quantum von Arminius
& VA Odin vom Holtkamper Hof!**

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Anni vom Haus Jansen, "a" normal (H/E)
Sire:  V- Hansolo von Tronje, SchH3, IP3, FH1, KKL-1, "a" fast normal
Dam:  V - Hetty von Haus Weiler, SchH1 "a" normal

** Anni is the granddaughter of VA Ghandi von Arlett & VA-Nando vom Gollerweiher!**






VA1 Jeck vom Noricum ( 5 - 5 )
VA Ghandi von Arlett ( 3 - 3)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

L I T T E R    BORN    00/00/12
( 1 ) Males                      ( 5 ) Females


(Click on the PHOTOS below to download a video of the pups) 

Newborns: Anni began whelping her pups today around 11:00 am. As of 6:30 pm, we have 5 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy. Here are a few photos so far.

Puppy Update - Week 1: The puppies are doing great and Anni is doing a "super" job with them. The past week's puppy schedule has been, ... EAT ... SLEEP ... EAT MORE ... SLEEP MORE. Their eyes should be opening at any time now. Enjoy this weeks photos below.

Puppy Update - Week 2: Anni’s puppies are doing well and growing! The photos and video below were taken today as the pups are 10 days old. The pups are basically eating and sleeping now, but they will become more active soon and their eyes should open at anytime now.

Puppy Update - Week 3: The pups turned 3 weeks old today and are doing well. Anni still has plenty of milk, but I will start them on their “weaning diet” on Saturday. Last week, their eyes opened and now they recognize my voice, and they are beginning to play with each other. The pups received their first toenail trimming and their first worming. Now that they are becoming more active … the fun will begin! Enjoy this week’s photos below.

Puppy Update – Week 4: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Anni & Ice’s pups turned 4 weeks old today! The puppies are doing well and becoming very playful. Some are even beginning to bark. They have taken well to “eating” their weaning diet, though they still prefer Mom’s milk, and I am feeding them 3 puppy meals a day now. Their puppy teeth has broke through too, so Mom only nurses for a few minutes. Below are a few photos of the pups at 4 weeks old and a video.


Puppy Update – Week 5: The Orumhaus AA Litter turned 5 weeks old on 11/29/12! The pups are doing well and growing. The past week has been somewhat “stressful” on them as Anni has weaned them and they are now on puppy food completely. Their puppy teeth are sharp and they love to crunch on the dry puppy food. The pups also received another worming this week.

They have outgrown the whelping box, and now have two playpens, one inside and one outside, in Mom’s outdoor run. During the day, they can see the other dogs, and hear them bark, and watch the chickens go by … and basically, experience a few outdoor things. These pups are very happy and all of them are very outgoing and want attention. Oh, and they have learned to go in and out of the doggy door, thanks to Mom’s “escape” efforts! :) Below are the pups at 5 weeks old.

Puppy Update – Week 6: The pups are doing well and FULL OF FUN … and energy! They are 6 weeks old now and received their first set of puppy shots and another worming this week. The pups are completely on puppy food now, and eating 3 meals a day. I introduced them to baby carrots, and now they love them. The pups have also turned into “toy monsters”.

Since the pups will be ready to go home the weekend before Christmas, please begin thinking about a name that begins with the letter “A”. Of course, you may have any call name you like, but for registration purposes, each “first name” should begin with the letter A.

EXAMPLE: Anni von Orumhaus or Atlas von Orumhaus. NOTE: The following names are not available, as they were used in my first A litter: Aaron, Alk, Artimus, Astro, Atlas, Amy, Areba and Ashley

Puppy Update – Week 7:


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