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PUPS Born 09/18/06!!!

V- Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-RIKKOR V. BAD-BOLL, SchH3, KKL-1, LBZ. "a" normal
German World Sieger (1998 & 1999)
Dam:  V-TYNARA V. KIRSCHENTAL, HGH, KKL-1, "a" normal
German Vize HGH Siegerin (1999)

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V-Farina z Lintichu, SVV1, KKL-1, "a" normal
Sire:  VA1- URBAN VOM GLEISENAUER SCHLOß, SchH3, KKL1, "a" fast normal
USA and Canadian Sieger (2005)
Dam:  VA-TOSKA Z LINTICHU, SVV2, KKL1, "a" normal
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Nego (Nikki)

Visium v. Arminius 4-4
Jeck v. Noricum
4,5 - 5-5


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
L I T T E R    B O R N   09/18/06
( 1 ) Male                      ( 1 ) Female

*** Both pups are SOLD ***


(Watch for updates weekly!)

Newborn Photos (9/18/06): Farina whelped 2 pups, one boy and one girl. Both pups are very healthy and doing fine. This is Farina's first litter of pups, and she is so intrigued with them! She sits and watches them, then if they don't move, she will lick them or give them a little nug! She seems to adore her babies ... at this point, she hardly leaves them. It seems that the female pup gets a little annoyed at Mom nugging her when she is sleeping, but I bet she gets used to it. The due date was 9/21/06 (figuring at 63 day gestation), but a normal gestation can range from 59 days to 63 days. After the pups were born Sunday night, I took Farina and babies to the vet on Monday for a checkup and all are in excellent shape. The first week is very important for a first time Mom and her new pups. Please see photos of Farina and her new babies below. Photos and updates will be posted weekly. (Click on thumbnail photos to see large photos)

Week One (9/25/06): The past week, both pups have grown and almost doubled in size. Farina has plenty of milk for the pups and is very attentive. So far, the pups can sleep, eat and grow. At this point, their eyes are still closed, but changes will start happening soon. (Watch the mini-movie and then click on thumbnail photos to see larger pictures)

Puppy Mini Movie

Week Two (10/02/06): The pups are doing great. Last Saturday, the pups opened their eyes! And they are also hearing now, so the senses of smell, sight and hearing have developed. Now the pups are moving around better, but they are still working on coordination and muscle movement. Week Two 1/2 (10/06/06): The pups are more active now and recognize my voice, and today they received their first worming! Farina is still feeding the pups, and as you can see in these photos... they are growing well.

Week Three (10/09/06): Sunday, I started the pups on their weaning diet. Right now, this is offered twice a day, and they are only eatting about a tablespoonful, with Mom still providing their main course. The pups are playing more and interacting with each other a lot. Tomorrow, they will receive their first toenail trimming.
Week Four (10/18/06): The pups are doing well, and Ola is just about to catch up to Ozzy! Ozzy still likes Mom's milk best, but is beginning to take to the weaning diet more each day. Ola on the other hand, loves the weaning diet, but expects to wash it down with Mom's milk. Farina is so loving with them, I was watching her nurse them and they became full, but Farina stayed in the box with them and just let them crawl all over her. Ozzy was biting her with his new baby teeth, she just opened her mouth and put his little head in her mouth as if to say, "Son... my mouth is BIGGER than your mouth!" Farina loves to play and interact with the pups. Monday, both pups decided it was time to climb out of the box... so we went up with the sides. I hope to get some action photos of the pups playing this weekend. They have received another worming and also a toenail trim last Sunday.
Week Five (10/23/06): The pups are eatting solid food well, but Mom isn't quite ready to wean them. Ozzy and Ola are such a delight! They have teeth now and want to taste test. They are very alert and starting to play with everything, anything... and they are very outgoing, though Ozzy (typical boy) likes to pick on his sister...and she lets him, until she has HAD ENOUGH, then she sits him straight. Wormed again this week, toenails trimmed again... and they both love to give "kisses" when I hold them.
Week Six (10/30/06): This week was a very stressful week for the pups. The pups received their first round of puppy shots and another worming. They also began using the doggy door to go outside to the kennel... this was an exciting adventure, until the rain came and the temperature dropped into the low 40's. They were of course safe & sound with a heat lamp and covered kennel area, and a ramp to go inside when they want too. Then, Farina weaned them from nursing .. and while they have been eatting their weaning diet that I prepare, Mom has also been encouraging them to eat her food when they climb out of the box to be with her! So, now we have Ozzy, who thinks he only should eat what Mom says to eat, while Ola isn't picky, she just likes to eat
Week Seven (11/04/06): Now that Farina isn't with the pups anymore, they are doing a lot of sibling bonding, playing, biting and wrestling for toys with each other. They are getting over the stress of last week gradually. Tonight (11/7/06) I was very proud of both of them, it was time for their final meal, and I first offered Ola a bite of food from my fingers, encouraging her to SIT first, then nicely take the bite of food.... SUCCESS she did it! Then it was Ozzy's turn, and at first he was excited, then with a piece of food in my fingers, I encouraged him into a SIT position, and he politely took the bite of food... SUCCESS #2 ... he did it! These two pups have been a joy... they are very intelligent, strive hard to listen to what you say... and to learn what you are expecting from them.
Week Eight: Ozzy and Ola went to their new homes ... and settled in nicely. WATCH for new photos of them as they grow below.

UPDATES: Click on the photo thumbnails below for enlargements to see how Ozzy and Ola are doing.

Ola at 3 months old (she also has a 3 months old kitten friend)

Ozzy at 3,4 and 5 months old


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