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PUPS BORN March 8, 2008!!!

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V-Quindo von Godinghofer Weg, SchH3, KKL1, "a" fast normal
Sire:  VA-Ando vom Altenberger Land, SchH3, "a" normal
Dam:  V-Hera vom Haus Sascored, SchH3, "a" fast normal

Quindo is a German Import with tons of potential! He has excellent pigment, excellent structure and excellent movement. Quindo has completed his schutzhund titles in Germany and is producing some outstanding pups!
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V-Farina z Lintichu, SVV1, KKL1, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß, SchH3, KKL1, "a" fast normal
USA and Canadian Sieger (2005)
Dam:  VA-Toska z Lintichu, SVV2, KKL1 , "a" normal
Slovakian Siegerien (2001)
** Farina is the daughter of a Sieger & a Siegerin! Farina has an excellent temperament, structure, pigment & conformation!**

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VA-Visum v. Arminius ( 5, 5 - 4 ) Rated VA 4 times!
VA-Jeck vom Noricum ( 5 - 5, 5 ) Rated VA 4 times!
V4 HGH Ostra vom Kirschental ( 5 - 5 )
Yassko von der Roten Matter ( 4 - 4 )


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L I T T E R    B O R N
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(Watch for updates weekly after the pups are born!)

Newborn Pups 03/08/08: Farina began her labor late Friday night, and her first pup was born at 12:50 am Saturday morning. She whelped a 2 beautiful puppies, and both Mom and Pups are doing well. Each week, I will post an update and new photos of the puppies. Click on the thumbnails below for photo enlargements.
One Week Old Pups 03/15/08: During the first week of the puppies life, nursing, sleeping and growing is all that the pups do. At this time, their eyes are not open and the ear canals are not yet open. Mom is most important at this time. Take a look at this week's photos below to see how much they have grown. Both pups are doing well and so is Mom. FYI ... you may wonder why some of the photos have a "reddish" appearance. This is because I have a "red" heat lamp over the whelping box to insure the pups have a warm environment.
Two Week Old Pups 03/23/08: HAPPY EASTER! Actually the pups in the photos below are 2 weeks +1 day old. The pups have grown a lot this week, their eyes are now open, and their coordination is making great progress. The pups are now trying to walk instead of scoot and are holding their heads up well. They are still eatting then sleeping alot, The pups got their first toenail trim yesterday ... and Mom was sure glad!
Three Week Old Pups 03/30/08: The pups are doing well and growing. Their baby teeth are coming through, but Mom is still nursing them. On Friday, I started them on their puppy gruel, as a snack, twice a day. They are only taking a few bites at a time of the gruel, but like it. They have also been introduced to water, which they need "free choice" from now on. Both River and Raileigh wag their tails and love to lay by me when I'm sitting in their box with them. And River barked for the first time today.

Four Week Old Pups 04/05/08: This week, the pups have become a lot more active. They are climbing up on the side of their box, so I added another small board to keep them in. They are playing with each other and sometimes they both bark when I come into their room. The pups are now having 3 puppy gruel meals a day + mom is still nursing for brief periods. They also got their toenails cut again and another worming this week . I added a movie to this week's photo collection, but it may take a little time to load. As you can see in the movie, they love to talk to me (guess they are used to me talking to them).

(Note: Movie file is in MPG format, and is a large file)

Five Week Old Pups 04/12/08: A lot of changes this week for Farina and the pups! We've moved...moved from the whelping room to a covered outdoor kennel! Farina is also in the process of WEANING the pups, as they have a full mouth of PUPPY TEETH now. They are receiving 3 feedings a day + a snack (dry food kibbles). Mom still interacts and plays with them, though nursing times is short, ... it's more like, "NOW YOU SEE IT ... AND NOW YOU DON'T! I'm outta here!" Their kennel area is 8'x16', with the puppies area sectioned off to about 8'x7'. Farina's area and the puppy's area is sectioned off by fencing, which Farina can easily jump over when she needs to. The puppies have a 4'x4' box w/heat lamp that they can get in and out of as they want to, though they love laying outside the box in the morning and watching Mr Dude (the peacock) fan his tail feathers. They have also met Wailana (our 17 month old female) in the kennel next door, which River & Raileigh like to watch her. The pups received another worming this week, and are very active now. They are fast, and it's hard to get a photo "in focus" of them. They love to "help" me do things and are curious. My husband snapped the photos of the pups helping me make up their bed!

Six Week Old Pups 04/20/08: This week's photos were taken on Sunday. The pups are doing well and are weaned from Mom ... at least ACCORDING TO FARINA! The pups are playing and learning to come when I call them. They also got their first "crate time" this week, and did well with it. On Saturday, River and Raileigh received another worming, got their toenails trimmed and also received their first shot of the puppy shot series. Raileigh has decided that she LIKES water, and has learned to splash her water bowl :0 They now have their own nylabones and rawhides to keep them entertained, and they really like this.
Seven Week Old Pups 04/26/08: These two pups are real cuties! Raileigh is a sweet girl, and loves to steal the toys away from River. While River on the other hand, loves to get the toys, but when I start talking him, he sits and pays attention to me, while Raileigh grabs the toy and runs. Pups received another worming this week and are doing well.
Eight Week Old Pups 05/03/08: Well, Raileigh and River are no longer my "baby puppies". They are very playful now, and Farina loves to play with them. They have learned to listen very well, as you can see in the photos below. Both pups received their 2nd vaccinations Friday evening and another worming, and will go to their new homes this weekend. Watch for future photos of them as they grow up in our photo album.



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