ORUMHAUS "Winter 2012/2013" LITTER -
Orumhaus Kennels produces another excellent litter!

*** PUPPIES BORN 12/23/2012 ***

***ALL Pups in this litter are SOLD!!! ***

** 5 Males / 3 Females **

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SG-Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloss, "a" normal

Sire:  VA-Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloß, SchH3, KKL1, "a" faster normal  
** 2005 USA Sieger + 2005 Canadian Sieger + 2005 N. American Vize-Sieger!**

Dam:  V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1 "a" fast normal









V-Fina Team Gleisenauer Schloss, SchH1, KKL1
"a" fast normal
Sire:  V- Dingo v.d. Tscheppaschlucht, SchH3, IP3, FH1, KKL-1, "a" fast normal
Dam:  V - Gena v.d. Grafenburg, SchH1 "a" normal

** Fina is the granddaughter of VA Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss
& VA-Hill v. Farbenspiel!**








*** coming soon ***

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L I T T E R    B O R N    12/23/12
( 5 ) Males                      ( 3 ) Females


(View PHOTOS below or click on links to download videos of the pups) 

Newborns: Just a quick note … the moment we have been waiting for is HERE! Fina began whelping her pups about 2:30 pm this afternoon! The first puppy born is a GIRL! It’s 4:45 pm and at this time, we have two girls & two boys! So far…. all is going well. I will update you all later this evening.Well, it’s 11:00 pm, and Fina and Baster puppies have arrived!!! At this time, I “think” Fina is finished having puppies, but … I will still monitor her throughout the night, just in case there is one more little one in there. Well, I will now spill the beans :) We have 5 MALES & 3 FEMALES! Everyone is healthy, and has sampled Mom’s milk.

Puppy Update - Week 1: The Fina & Baster puppies are now 9 days old, and growing well. Mom is taking very good care of them and has plenty of milk. Their eyes have not yet opened, but will in the next few days. Enjoy this week's photos.

Puppy Update - Week 2: The pups have opened their eyes and can now hear sounds. They have hearty appetites and are growing well. They are still mainly sleeping … eating … and sleeping some more, but next week … more action begins.

Puppy Update - Week 3: Time is moving fast, and Fina and Baster’s pups are growing well. The pups turned 3 weeks old on Sunday! They are beginning to balance themselves and walk, rather than scoot, and Fina still has plenty of milk. Their little personalities are beginning to show and they are beginning to play with each other. Puppy teeth have not yet erupted through the skin, but they can be felt with my finger now, so the nursing days will soon be over. On Saturday, the pups received their first toenail trim and first worming. All is well! Enjoy this weeks photos and videos.

Puppy Update – Week 4: The last week has been a busy one for the Orumhaus BB Litter of pups! Last Sunday, the puppies turned 4 weeks old and doing well. They are very happy puppies and love attention. Fina has weaned the pups, so now they are eating 3 moist meals a day, and I have started them on dry crumbles as well. They enjoy their playtime and have began to wrestle with each other, but they all love for me to hold them. The next 4 weeks will go by fast. Here are a few things to begin thinking about:

  • NAME: – Since this is my BB litter (2nd B litter), your puppy’s AKC registered name should begin with the letter “B” (i.e. Betty von Orumhaus). Our kennel name will be added as the second part of the puppy’s name.
  • PICKUP WEEKEND: The pups will be 8 weeks old on 2/17/2013. I plan to give them their 2nd set of puppy shots on 2/14/13, and will allow pups to go home Saturday & Sunday, 2/16-17. Pickup appointments will be planned in the order in which I received your deposits. Please plan about 2 hours for your appointment to choose your puppy, go over paperwork and complete the AKC registration papers.
  • AKC REGISTRATION: In addition to your final payment to Orumhaus Kennels, please bring a second check or money order in the amount of $30.00 (for one owner) made payable to AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB. I will submit all applications to AKC at one time.

Enjoy this week’s photos!

Puppy Update – Week 5: At 5 weeks old, the puppies personalities are coming out! They are completely weaned from Fina, and they are eating solid food. This past week has been a big transition week for them. The pups received another worming, and was introduced to the outside. They are not quite ready to take on the doggy door yet, but they enjoy their big playpen. They still love for me to pick them up and hold them, and each pup expects to have a hug from me. I had planned to put puppy collars on them, but my order didn’t arrive until today, so you’ll see them with puppy collars next week. This weekend they will receive their first set of puppy shots. Also, please be thinking of a B name for your puppy! Enjoy the photos!

Puppy Update – Week 6:


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