ORUMHAUS "Summer 2013" Planned LITTER -
Orumhaus Kennels produces another excellent litter!

*** PUPPIES BORN June 12, 2013!! ***


** 1 Males / 2 Females **

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SG-Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloss, "a" normal

Sire:  VA-Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloß, SchH3, KKL1, "a" faster normal  
** 2005 USA Sieger + 2005 Canadian Sieger + 2005 N. American Vize-Sieger!**

Dam:  V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1 "a" fast normal









V-Fina Team Gleisenauer Schloss, SchH1, KKL1
"a" fast normal
Sire:  V- Dingo v.d. Tscheppaschlucht, SchH3, IP3, FH1, KKL-1, "a" fast normal
Dam:  V - Gena v.d. Grafenburg, SchH1 "a" normal

** Fina is the granddaughter of VA Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss
& VA-Hill v. Farbenspiel!**








*** coming soon ***

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L I T T E R    B O R N    06/12/2013
( 1 ) Males                      ( 2 ) Females


(View PHOTOS below or click on links to download videos of the pups) 

Puppy Update – Week 6: Cody, Callie and Cookie are now 6.5 weeks old! Time has gone by fast! Many changes have taken place since my last post. First, Fina has completely weaned the pups! NO MORE MILK, but they don’t mind, they love their Purina Pro Plan Puppy – Chicken and Rice. I moved their whelping box so they could learn to use a doggy door, and they love it. The first day, I showed them one time, and they figured out that going outside to potty and see what was going on with the “folks” (aka big dogs) was fun. Then they could run back into the air conditioning, and just “peek out” the doggy if something was happening.

On 7/21/13, the pups received their first set of puppy shots. Everyone did well. Cookie has began holding up her ears … sometimes, and though she is smaller, I can now understand what my mother referred to when she said, “… dynamite comes in small packages” … LOL (she was a very petite woman in her time). Callie and Cody are playful and fun too, but Cookie is right in the middle of everything in a very fun way. They are all very lovable and outgoing. Enjoy the current photos.

Litter Newborns: On Wednesday, June 12th, Fina whelped 5 puppies. We lost 2 pups, but we have 3 beautiful and healthy babies. We have 1 male and 2 females. All pups are growing and developing well, with hearty appetites. Below is their newborn photo.

Puppy Update - Week 1: Fina’s pups are one week old now, and doing very well. They are basically eating and sleeping and scooting around right now. Their eyes are still closed. below are this week’s photos.

Puppy Update - Week 2: Wednesday, the pups turned two weeks old. Yesterday, their eyes opened and they are beginning to try to walk. Growing well and life is wonderful ... and all things evolve around MOM.

Puppy Update - Week 3: Fina and pups are doing great. The pups are 3.5 weeks old now, and growing well. Mom is still nursing and has plenty of milk, so I haven’t started them on their weaning diet, though will tomorrow. Puppy teeth are starting to come in, so it’s time to begin on a little food. The pups have received their first worming. They are also beginning to play with each other. Click on the photo below to see this week's video of the pups.


Puppy Update – Week 5: The pups are now 5 weeks old, and a lot of changes have taken place since my last blog! Cody, Callie and Cookie (my names for them) are now full fledged puppies … eating puppy food, playing and loving attention. The pups have received their first toenail trim, another worming, began climbing out of their box, and they are eating 3 puppy meals a day … but still are “stealing” milk from Fina when they can [... smile]. Next week, the pups will have puppy collars, and will receive their first set of puppy shots. Click on the photos below to play this week's videos.

Puppy Update – Week 8: The pups are eight weeks old now, and Cody and Callie have gone to their new homes. Thank you Courtney and Teresa for adopting a new GSD family member!

Meet Cookie von Orumhaus: Cookie von Orumhaus turned 8 weeks old on 8/8/13. She is a great little girl with a heart as big as Texas! She has always been more interested in what people are doing over her siblings or even her Mom. She likes dogs, but she prefers people. Cookie was the smallest pup in the litter, and I think she will grow up to be a small to medium sized female. She uses the doggy door very well, and is learning to walk on a leash. She also likes to ride with me on our Gator in the pasture. Cookie has been wormed, and has received her first two sets of puppy shots. Click on the photo below to see Cookie’s photo/video at 8 weeks old.


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