PUPS BORN December 8, 2006!!!

SG- Quindo von Godinghofer Weg, "a" fast normal
Sire:  VA-Ando vom Altenberger Land, SchH3, "a" normal
Dam:  V-Hera vom Haus Sascored, SchH3, "a" fast normal

Quindo is a young German Import with tons of potential! He has excellent pigment, very good structure and excellent movement. Quindo will be leaving for Germany at the end of October to begin training for his Schutzhund titles! Good Luck Quindo!
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Freda von Orumhaus, OFA-Good
Sire:  V-Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL1, "a" normal
Dam:  SG-Fran Zando's Enna, SchH1, OFA-Good
** Freda is the granddaughter 1998 & 1999 German World Sieger, VA-Rikkor v. Bad-Boll, SchH3, KKL-1 **
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Visium v. Arminius 5, 5-5
Jeck v. Noricum
5, 5

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L I T T E R    B O R N
( 4) Males                      ( 3 ) Females

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(Watch for updates weekly when pups are born!)

Pups Born 12/8/06: Freda whelped 7 beautiful pups this afternoon. We have 4 males and 3 females. All pups are doing well and the litter as a whole is very uniform. The pups show excellent pigment, are strong and doing well. CLICK on the thumbnail photos to enlarge them to a better picture.

Pups at One Week - The first week of the puppies life is very critical. Puppies cannot see or hear during this time, and their most critical needs are to be keep warm, clean, and to insure that the pups are eatting sufficiently and growing. During this period, the pups are sleeping about 80-90% of the time and eatting about 10-20% of the time. When sleeping, a puppy is growing and developing. Take a look at this week's photos below and you will see how much they have grown in one week. In the first photos of the pups, Freda is feeding them outside the whelping box, while I am putting clean bedding down. At this time, I change the bedding once a day, as Freda is doing the main cleanup. The pups are doing well. CLICK on the thumbnail photos to enlarge them to a better picture.

Pups at Two Weeks - The past week the pups have undergone many changes. Their eyes have opened and they can now hear. The pups have received their first worming and toenail trim. On Christmas Day, (day photos taken below) the pups had their first taste of solid puppy food, though they are not ready to give up Mom yet, starting on their puppy gruel will take some food production stress off Mom, and give the pups some extra nutrition and vitamins, and make the weaning process easier for everyone. Also, some of the pups are beginning to make little barks, and today, they recognized my voice! .
Pups at Three Weeks - At three weeks old, the pups are changing a lot. They are starting to play, and are eatting puppy gruel 3 times a day. The pups have been wormed again. Now we're working on eatting without the feet in the bowl!
Pups at Four Weeks - The pups are becoming more active and inactive with us. They are beginning to bark when I enter the room and want to "tug" on my pants to get attention and play. The maroon collar "female" is quite an escape artist! She climbs out of the box and prefers to sleep with her Mom. At this point, she has a mind of her own. Pups are eatting more solid food and less Mother's milk and have been wormed again on 1/4/07. Notice in the photos, the pups now have collars on! The FEMALES are in Yellow, Pink and Maroon. The MALES are in Aqua, Blue, Red and Orange.

Pups at Five Weeks - This week the pups are much more demanding for play room and normally we would begin them going outside through the doggy door to the kennel area, but we are having very rainy and cold weather, so we decided to enlarge their box inside. They have hearty appetites and are growing well. Mom has weaned the pups from nursing, so they are eatting 3 times a day. Mom still visits and plays with them.
Pups at Six Weeks - The pups are playing more and love their toys. On Friday, 1/19/07, the pups turned 6 weeks old, and they received their first puppy shots and another toenail trimming. These kiddos are very lovable and attentive. On Sunday, they were introduced to the doggy door going outside into their kennel run, which is next door to Mom. This is a fun time for the pups, but also a stressful time for them. They are eatting well, and will grow by leaps and bounds over the next two weeks.

Pups at Seven Weeks - This week, the pups received their tattoos in their right ears... OUCH that explains the green ears! They also received another worming. The pups are doing very well at going to potty on the concrete outside and not so much on the bedding.. that's great! The pups will soon be ready to go to their new families.
Pups at Eight Weeks - Most of the pups was picked up by their new owners on Friday and Saturday. One female and one male was left. It took them a couple of days to get over "missing their siblings", but they did well. The next Friday, Priscilla went home to her family. One male, Pacman is still looking for a home. Check out "Pacman's Page" for more information and photos of him.



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