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SG- Basko v. Turmstarker, BH, AD, OFA
Sire:  V-BAMBO V. D. URBECKE, SchH3, KKL-1
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V-Gaby aus der Schloßstadt, SchH1, KKL-1, "a" normal
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Olympus v. Arminius 3-3
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L I T T E R    B O R N    4/27/02

(  3  ) Males                      ( 2 ) Females

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Newborn Photo - Pups born 4/27/02! (Photo Above) 
Photo  of Pups at 1 week old  -  "Where's my MOM?"
 Photo of Mom and Pups at 1 week old (We've doubled in size!)
Photo of pup at 2 weeks old...This week the eyes begin to open, and they received their 1st puppy worming & trip to the vet's office for a checkup. 
 Photo of Gaby & pups at 3 wks...This is a BIG week for these pups.
Photo of 3 wk old pups starting to play.

Photo ofPhoto of 3 pups playing at 3 weeks old.
The 3rd week is a very important week in the puppy's development.  The pups eyelids are fully open during this week, but he is still not capable of focusing on a clear image.  They are learning to try to walk and to balance.  This week, the ear canals open, allowing the pups to hear their first sounds.  Also, the pups are producing a few "barks" and one even produced a little growl at a sibling this week.  The pups have been able to smell since birth, however, now this sense is well developed and slightly more developed than his hearing or sight.

It should be noted that this litter is developing quickly, as they are already beginning to play with each, which is usually started in the 4th week, so this means that their eyesight and hearing has already improved.

The pups have began to eat solid food, but still rely 95% on mom for food.  They have also been introduced to water this week. 

The pups are 4 weeks old now, and life has definitely changed this week.  They are eating 3 meals a day of their weaning diet.  Mom still nurses some, but these kids have cut their baby teeth, so nursing is "short and sweet" sessions now.  At 4 weeks old, I have introduced to them to moistened "dry" puppy food.  It is the same food they have been eating, however, up until now, I have ground the puppy food into a "gruel", now with their new baby teeth... they can begin learning to chew.  The pups are drinking plenty of water and over the next week, I look for mom to begin weaning them.  Pups are beginning to play and interact with each other more.  They are barking more often and they are beginning to form their little personalities.  Also, I have noticed that their curiosity about new things is becoming more evident. 
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Now the pups are 5 weeks old, and curiosity and play is more the ... name of the game!  The pups are becoming more coordinated and playing more and wrestling with siblings is the latest past time.  They have been introduced to dry puppy food to get them into "chewing" (something besides my ankles!)  Their personalities are really outgoing and they love attention.  Mom is very close to weaning them, they are only nursing for a few moments at a time. 

Pups are 6 weeks old, and full of energy!  On Saturday, they got their first set of shots and got to experience the "outdoors"!  At first that was fun, but then... they discovered it was HOT!  So they all tried to dive into the water bowl... head first.  They are completely weaned from mom now and eatting everything in site.  They are more vocal this week and met their first "child", a human THEIR SIZE.  Trying to take the photos was difficult, all the pups were jumping trying to get petted by the little human...Christopher was a little overwhelmed at first, but then he tried to pet all the pups at the same time, and they loved it.  On Sunday, their whelping box got moved to the doggy door area, and they are now allowed "free access" to the outside kennel run.  In one day, all the pups decided that "outside" is the place to "poop".  Let's leave the inside clean because that is air conditioned!
The pups are 7 weeks old now and many changes are taking place in their lives.  The past week has been somewhat stressful for them.  This past weeks events included another worming, visits by new human family members and the "biggy event" ... getting tattooed!  Now, everyone has their own permanent identification number located in their RIGHT EAR.  This number serves several purposes.  (1) Provides a means of permanent ID and (2) is required for admission in German style conformation shows and schutzhund activities.

 Last Update:  6/20/02    

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