Orumhaus "L" Litter Announcement
BORN 10/13/03

V- Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-RIKKOR V. BAD-BOLL, SchH3, KKL-1, LBZ. "a" normal

German World Sieger (1998 & 1999)
Dam:  V-TYNARA V. KIRSCHENTAL, HGH, KKL-1, "a" normal

German Vize HGH Siegerin (1999)
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V-Gaby aus der Schloßstadt, SchH1, KKL-1, "a" normal
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Ratta v. Arminius
Fanto v. Herschel

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L I T T E R    B O R N   10/13/03
( 5 ) Males                      ( 4 ) Females

All Pups from this litter are SOLD!


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NEWBORN: Gaby whelped her litter of 10 pups on Monday, October 13th.
WEEK ONE (10/13-10/20): At this time, Gaby has plenty of milk, but must eat a lot of puppy food and vitamins to keep up with the demand of a big litter. She is a very loving and attentive mom. Now, the pups sleep ... eat ... and sleep some more. The smallest pup (a boy) did not survive the first week.
WEEK TWO (10/21-10/27): The pups are growing well now. However, there are a couple of pups that are a little smaller, which happens in large litters occasionally. So we are feeding the pups in "shifts". The small pups get to eat first, then the remaining pups eat. In week two, their eyes have started to open.They are still completely on mother's milk, and are very active and are starting to walk.
WEEK THREE (10/28-11/03): The pups are starting to hear and listen... and smell! These pups should be some excellent tracking dogs. They actually seem to track their mother's scent using their noses... you can see them scenting every place that mother laid down. Last weekend, I started them on their weaning diet (some solid food), and they are taking to it well. Of course they still are nursing. The pups were wormed and got their toenails trimmed this weekend also.
WEEK FOUR (11/04-11/10): Last Saturday, (11/8/03) the pups really started liking their weaning diet! The are eatting 3 full meals a day. Still nursing some, but mom is starting to cut back. They are gaining weight and growing and they are starting to be more active. They are now playing and beginning to wrestle and pull on my pants when I'm in their box with them. They have cut their teeth this week.. and are learning to use them. Learning to drink water... though they prefer MILK! Pups were wormed on Saturday.
WEEK FIVE and SIX: (11/10-11/24): Today (11/24/03), the pups are 6 weeks old. The past two weeks have been busy, for both me and the pups. They are very active and love to play. They have been introduced to toys. Last week, the pups were allowed to use the puppy door to go outside into their kennel for the first time. They love the kennel area, and like to watch the big dogs bark. They can go inside and out as they want to, but prefer to stay out in the kennel run. They have a heat lamp to keep them warm. The pups are completed weaned from mother now, though she still checks them and plays with them occasionally. This week will be the most stressful for the pups because they will receive their first puppy shots, another worming and will transition their food from Eukanuba Small breed puppy to Eukanuba LARGE BREED PUPPY. As you will see in the new pictures, they are beginning the puppy sibling socialization period... which basically means... YOU BITE ME & I BITE YOU ! Puppies must learn to interact with their siblings.

WEEK SEVEN: (11/25-12/3), The pups turned 7 weeks old on 12/1/03. They are still feeling some stress from the many changes in their lives. Last Friday, they went to the vet and received their check up and vaccinations. The trip to the vet was somewhat stressful but their check up resulted in a good report overall. This upcoming week, they will again go through some changes. At 8 weeks old, the pups will start going to their new homes, and again the pups will go through more changes. It is important to remember as you take your pup home to keep him on the same food, and put him on a schedule, it will make potty training much easier. And please remind children that puppies are like babies, they usually settle down and take a nap after eatting, so they do need some "quite time"! I recommend that everyone takes a few minutes to REVIEW the puppy booklet entitled, "Raising and Training your GSD Puppy". That will help you prepare for your new family member. And... don't forget to get a few toys...these puppies are ready for and demanding attention... and to a puppy... his mouth and teeth must taste everything and when it's time for attention... he will pull your pants leg or may bite at your foot, when this happens, have a toy ready and let him know you will give him attention. TRAINING BEGINS HERE.

NOTE: Pups are now identifiable with color collars:

Males: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Maroon

Females: Orange, Orange/Gray, Pink, Electric Blue

WEEK EIGHT: Some new photos of the pups as pups begin to go to their new homes!

WEEK NINE: Pups are going to their new homes, and beginning to settle in well.



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