Orumhaus "M" Litter Announcement
PUPS BORN September 17, 2004!!!

V- Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-RIKKOR V. BAD-BOLL, SchH3, KKL-1, LBZ. "a" normal

German World Sieger (1998 & 1999)
Dam:  V-TYNARA V. KIRSCHENTAL, HGH, KKL-1, "a" normal

German Vize HGH Siegerin (1999)
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V-Gaby aus der Schloßstadt, SchH1, KKL-1, "a" normal
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Ratta v. Arminius
Fanto v. Herschel

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L I T T E R    B O R N  09 / 17 / 2004
( 4 ) Males                      ( 1 ) Females


(Click on the thumbnails to see photos)


Since the pups were born, all have doubled in size. They are active and strong. Click on the thumbnails below from left to right to view progress this week. Click HERE for mini-movie at 1 week old.

Photos of Gaby in whelp and newborn pups to 9/21/04

Photos to left are photos at 1 week of age (Little Girl has on yellow ribbon in some photos.


During the second week, the pups opened their eyes and becoming more active. They are also starting to learn to walk on all fours. They are still very much "babies". Click HERE for this week's mini-movie.

Photos above are photos taken at 2weeks of age. Click on thumbnails above to bring up pictures.


Week three has been a lot of fun! The pups can now hear, and are walking much better. They are not starting to climb! Little Girl was the first one to figure out how to climb out of the box! This week was a transition period of changing from infant to baby puppy. On Wednesday, the pups had their first taste of puppy gruel (ground Eukanuba puppy and Esbilac puppy milk and water). For the first few days, they're fed once a day, but by Sunday, they began to eat three times a day, and also started drinking some water. Of course, they are still nursing, but they are starting to make big demands of mom's milk supply. They are also starting to bark occasionally.

Click HERE for this week's movie.

Photos above are photos taken at 3 weeks of age.


This week the pups are really starting to change. They are much more playful, they are eatting more and quickly look for a spot to go to sleep after eatting. The pups were wormed on Saturday again, and they are more "vocal", and are very happy to see me when I come into the room. They are starting to investigate more when out of their box. Playing and pulling tails are the newest past time!

Click HERE for this week's movie.

Photos above are photos taken at 4 and 4.5 weeks of age.


At week 5, the pups can now see clearly and are investigating everything they come across. On Sunday, 10/25/04, they received a Parvo vaccination and another worming. Mom is getting very close to "weaning" them, and I expect that the weaning process will be complete by the end of the week. Mom only nurses them about 3-5 minutes at a time. The pups appetite for "real food" has increased tremendously over the past week. At 5.5 weeks old, they are eatting about 1.5 cups of food each per day. The pups are very interested in each other and ME and they have started playing with a few toys (under supervision of course).

Photos above are photos taken at 5.5 weeks of age.


Well this week has been "action packed" for the pups! The following photos were taken on Sunday, 10/31/04. They received their first "puppy shot" of a series of puppy shots that they need. Mom has 99.5% weaned them, as they have grown so much that she can only feed them while she is standing. They are getting 3 meals a day now, and are running in and out of the doggy door. Some of the photos will be a little blurred, that's from them running and playing and wrestling .. (not my bad photography :) At this point, everyone is doing great!

Photos above are photos taken at 6.5 weeks of age.


The pups are doing great and growing fast! At 7 weeks old, the pups have received their tattoo in their right ear as a means of permanent identification. They were also wormed again. The pups are staying in their outdoor kennel most of the time now and have started eatting their Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food dry.

Photos above are photos taken at 7.5 weeks of age.

Click HERE for this week's movie.


Three of the pups have gone to their new homes! As of today, all are doing fine and making adjustments to their new families. Reports that the pups have received their vet checkups and vaccinations. The two males that are here with me are doing fine and have also received their 8/9 week vaccinations and worming. They are learning to walk on the leash and starting to learn a few puppy manners.

The photos to the left were taken at 8.5 weeks of age.

The last pup from this litter, Marco von Orumhaus, was sold on 12/12/04. CLICK HERE to visit Marco's Page.



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