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***PUPS Born 3/22/2011***

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Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloß, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß , SchH3, KKL-1  
V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1, KKL-1

** Urban was 2005 USA & Canadian Sieger**

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SG-Simba z Lintichu, SVV1, KKL1, "a" normal (H/E)
Sire:  VA-Cannes vom Suentelstein, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Dam:  V - Xovia z Lintichu, SVV1 "a" normal

** Simba is the granddaughter of German World Sieger - VA Pakros d'Ulmental !**






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VA1 ( 4- 4 )
VA1 ( 5 - 5 )

VA ( 5 - 5 )
V1 ( 4 - 4 )

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L I T T E R    B O R N    3/22/11
(  6  ) Males                      ( 2) Females


(Click on the PHOTOS below to download a video of the pups) 

PUPS BORN 3/22/11: Though the due date was 3/26/11, Simba could hold off no longer! She was pretty uncomfortable on Monday night, and I was up until after midnight with her. On Tuesday morning, I checked her and she was still just "uncomfortable", ... or so I thought. I headed for work and then the first puppy was born at 8:10 am! I was almost in the office, when Fred called me and said, “We have a baby!” So I turned around and headed home and called in to take a vacation day! By the time I got home, we had a second baby, and Mom was cleaning and beginning to nurse the pups! By the end of the day, Simba had whelped 9 puppies, we lost one, but 6 males and 2 females are doing fine! (see first weeks photos below)

Puppy Update - Week 1: The first week of life is a very critical period for newborn puppies. The puppies cannot hear or see or walk. Their activities during this period include eating, sleeping, crawling around and cuddling with their Mom and siblings. We have six boys and one girl, and they are doing great. They have a hardy appetite, and Simba enjoys sleeping with them, so they have “free choice” food. On a sad note, we lost the smallest pup, a female, on Sunday.



Puppy Update - Weeks 2 & 3: The second week, the puppies continued to eat, sleep and eat some more. My computer crashed, so I was unable to upload photos. During this time, the puppies opened their eyes, and began interacting more with Mom and me.


Puppy Update – Week 4: On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, Simba and Baster’s pups turned 4 weeks old! The pups are doing great and experienced their first day outside in the yard. Nicole and Mario, my friends from Germany, had a great time taking photos and keeping up with the exploring pups. The pups are still nursing, and Simba is “mothering” them, but they are now eating 3 meals a day and have cut their puppy teeth … I might add … SHARP puppy teeth. Playing is their main past time, besides eating and sleeping. Thank you Nicole for taking such great pictures of the pups!



Puppy Update – Week 5: Simba and Baster’s pups are 5 weeks old on Tuesday, 4/26/11. Below is this week’s photos of the pups on Easter Sunday. Note: The photos was taken on Easter Sunday (the 24th), but Nicole’s camera was set at European time, and it had already rolled to 4/25 … whoops.

Puppy Update – Week 6: The pups are 6 weeks old now, and a super happy bunch! I have nicknamed them the “puppy mob”. I think Nicole and Mario taught them to say .. pick me … pick me … in puppy language, they like their people!

On Saturday, the pups got their first set of puppy shots and another worming. They got another toenail trim, and some new toys too. I also introduced them to a new snack … baby carrots!


Puppy Update – Week 7: At 7 weeks old today, we have gone from the super happy bunch and love muffins of last week, to the "routy bunch" this week. The female puppy thinks she should try out all new toys first! ... and the blue collar male has the same idea, so typically we have a "tug of war". In the meantime, the tan and green collar grabs the toys or snacks and runs out the doggy door, with everyone in pursuit. They have discovered that if they get their chewy or toy, and can get under the ramp (which goes to the doggy door), they are SAFE, and can keep it. So a couple of times a day, I have to pull all the toys and chewies out from under the ramp. Everyone is doing well and they have hit a "growth stage".

As you are beginning to choose your pups, be sure to let me know if you have decided to participate in AKC events, schutzhund, search & rescue, or if you have a special purpose you would like to train for... that way, I can assist you in choosing the best puppy for your goals and your family. Remember, my goal is that my pups have a loving and forever home, whether they are going to be a "working dog" or just your family pet, and for that to happen ... we must work together to choose the right puppy for YOU and your family. Also, please take a look at the Orumhaus Blog, and view the "What Do I Need for My New Puppy" page. And now ... here are this weeks photos! CLICK on the thumbnail to open the photo gallery.



Puppy Update – Week 8: On Saturday, three pups went to their new homes! The remaining four pups from our W Litter turned 8 weeks old today. These pups have received their first two sets of puppy shots, regular wormings and are ready to go to new homes. Watch the video below to meet Willa, Whiskey, Windsor & Winner in the most current video.



Puppy Update – Week 9





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