ORUMHAUS "S" LITTER - Born April 10, 2008!
Orumhaus Kennels awaiting another excellent litter!


Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloß, "a" Normal hips
Sire:  VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß , SchH3, KKL-1  
V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1, KKL-1

** Urban was 2005 USA & Canadian Sieger**

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Freda von Orumhaus, OFA-Good
Sire:  V- Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Dam:  SG- Fran Zando's Enna, BH, AD, SchH1, OFA-Good

** Freda is the granddaughter 1998 & 1999 German World Sieger, VA-Rikkor v. Bad-Boll, SchH3, KKL-1 **






VA1 Ulk von Arlett ( 5 - 4 )
VA1 Jeck vom Noricum ( 5 - 5 )

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L I T T E R    B O R N    April 10, 2008
(  2  ) Males                      ( 1 ) Females


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Newborn Pups 04/10/08: Freda began labor last night and the first pup was born at 10:30 pm. Freda whelped 4 pups (2 males and 2 females), however, we lost one female during delivery. These pups are large, healthy pups and have great appetities already! Mom and pups are doing well. Each week, I will post an update and new photos of the puppies. Click on the thumbnails below for photo enlargements.
One Week Old Pups 04/17/08: These pups are doing great! They are very active and love to eat, as you can see from this week's photos. Their eyes and ear canals are not yet open, but that will change soon and then LOOK OUT MOM!
Two & 1/2 Week Old Pups 04/26/08: This week, the pups have been eatting and sleeping and GROWING a lot. All three have good appetities and are doing well. At this time, they are very content with Mom's milk and it's fun to watch them sleeping, and when Mom touches them, they are ready for FOOD. Their eyes opened this week and they are beginning to walk and hold their heads up some. Pups received their first worming and toenail trim this week.
Three & 1/2 Week Old Pups 05/03/08: Since last week, the pups can hear and respond and are walking better. They are beginning to pull up on the side of their box now. This week was the transition period of changing from an infant puppy to a baby puppy. Thursday, they had their first taste of puppy gruel (ground Eukanuba puppy, puppy milk and water). For the first few days, they are offered this once a day, then today, they are eatting twice a day. Of course, Freda is still nursing them, though for short periods, since they are cutting their milk teeth and have sharp toenails. Today, they received their second toenail trim.
Four & 1/2 Week Old Pups 05/10/08: The past week has been stressful for the pups, Mom weaned them... completely. Freda is still playing with them, though for short periods and she does correct them when they THINK about Mother's Milk! On Saturday, I introduced the pups to their outdoor playroom and sit in their room with them. They had fun exploring the area and watched the chickens outside their area. One male pup, I have nicknamed Bubba, Bubba LOVES to eat, but he prefers the puppy gruel. The little girl and other little boy likes to eat the dry crumbles. The pups got wormed again this week, and are playing with some toys.
Almost Six Weeks Old 05/20/08: The pups are almost 6 weeks old in these photos! I had a problem with my camera, and the 5 week old photos was lost, so I took a few photos to put up of the kiddos after dinner. This week the pups learned that they DO NOT LIKE HOT WEATHER, but they love the little fan I gave them. They got introduced to a "water bucket" and like to get their faces in the water (you'll see some wet faces in the photos). We've done away with the puppy gruel now, and the teeth are getting used well... especially on my ankles. The pups will get their 1st vaccinations this week, another worming and a toenail trim and also be introduced to collars!
Six & 1/2 Weeks Old 05/26/08: Growing and playing is the name of the game now, with playful interaction from Mom. Freda doesn't stay with them all the time, but she does love to visit and play with them. Freda entertains the kiddos while I clean their room, that is when today's photos were taken. The pups received their first puppy shots, was wormed, had toenails trimmed and ears cleaned and now have collars. The little girl (my little catwoman) has the pink collar.


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