Orumhaus Kennels awaiting another excellent litter!

"REPEAT BREEDING" - [See our "S" Litter for photos of their pups!]

***Both pups from this litter are SOLD! Watch for information on our Spring 2009 litters!***


Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloß, "a" Normal hips
Sire:  VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß , SchH3, KKL-1  
V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1, KKL-1

** Urban was 2005 USA & Canadian Sieger**

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Freda von Orumhaus, OFA-Good
Sire:  V- Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Dam:  SG- Fran Zando's Enna, BH, AD, SchH1, OFA-Good

** Freda is the granddaughter 1998 & 1999 German World Sieger, VA-Rikkor v. Bad-Boll, SchH3, KKL-1 **






VA1 Ulk von Arlett ( 5 - 4 )
VA1 Jeck vom Noricum ( 5 - 5 )

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

L I T T E R    B O R N    ??
(  2  ) Males                      ( 0 ) Females


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Birthdate 10/16/08 - Freda whelped two beautiful male pups in the early (very early) hours of the morning! Both pups are doing well and eatting well and active. Freda is also doing good, and has plenty of milk for the babies. (Watch for more photos next week)
ONE WEEK OLD 10/23/08 - As you can see from the following photos, the pups are doing very well! These boys have been mainly eatting and sleeping and growing this week. They have however, learned to rollover and seek out Mom the moment she enters their whelping box. It looks like they both will have a "hearty" appetite. Freda and pups are doing well.

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TWO & A HALF WEEKS OLD 11/01/08 - The pups are doing well. This week their eyes opened and they are beginning to see and hear. On Sunday, they got their first worming and toenail trim. (Freda said THANKS for the toenail trim!) The pups are becoming more active and beginning to try to walk, more than scooting, and even beginning to play with each other. Both boys are gaining weight equally and very close in looks.

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THREE WEEKS OLD 11/08/08 - This week, the baby boys have turned into "puppies"! They are walking and not scooting and also beginning to bark occasionally. They recognize my voice when I enter the room, and I have started them on their "weaning diet", though they still prefer MOM. Freda still spends a lot of time with them and sleeps with them, so they nurse when they want too. The pups also have cut their baby teeth, and began drinking water. They like for me to sit in their box with them and play. The pups received another worming this week.

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FOUR WEEKS OLD 11/16/08 - The pups have changed a lot the past week! They are playing and wrestling and have taken to their weaning diet meals very well! They are eatting 3 meals a day with plenty of fresh water. The pups love for me to sit in their box with them and listen tentatively as I talk and play with them. Of course, they have learned to bite and pull on my pants or socks ... ouch ... PUPPY TEETH! Speaking of puppy teeth, Mom has almost completely weaned them, though she still plays with them for short periods. After the photos below was made, the boys received another toenail trimming ... you can see how sharp their toenails are.

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FIVE & HALF WEEKS OLD 11/23/08 - The amount of food the pups are eatting has increased slightly. I still add some water to their food, though now they get some dry crunchy kibbles, which they love. Both pups love the water, and like their father, dunk their noses in the cool water, that's why their faces are wet in some of the photos. The pups are playing with each other actively and like to play with their toys. They received another toenail trim and worming this week.

Note: The movie above is large and may take awhile to load

SIX & HALF WEEKS OLD 11/30/08 - This was a busy week for the pups! The boys are playing a lot and very curious! They like their new toys and have learned many things this week. They received a worming, got toenails cut, ears cleaned and their first set of puppy shots at 6 weeks old! On Saturday (11/29/08), they learned to go in and out of the doggy door. They love playing in the big kennel outside! Plenty of toys and Mom & Dad next door. Today was windy and the leaves made their way into the kennel, and the boys enjoyed catching them and crushing the leaves with their teeth. They are eatting their 3 meals a day well and was introduced to "collars" today.

SEVEN & HALF WEEKS OLD 12/07/08 - The boys are now having a lot of fun in EVERYTHING they do! Their little teeth ... now feel like BIG TEETH, and their curiosity is incredible, as you can see from this week's photos and movie. The doggy door is now just a "dive" away to keep up with me. I trimmed toenails again (as I like to do this weekly, just to keep them use to me messing with their feet). They are now familiar with all the Orumhaus dogs, as dad visits them and the other girls as well.


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