ORUMHAUS "Spring 2010" LITTER -
Orumhaus Kennels awaiting another excellent litter!

***PUPS BORN 4/6/2010***

All Pups from this Litter are SOLD!

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Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloß, "a" normal
Sire:  VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß , SchH3, KKL-1  
V-Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal, SchH1, KKL-1

** Urban was 2005 USA & Canadian Sieger**

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Wailana vom Haus Kirschental, "a" fast normal
Sire:  VA- Orbit v. Tronje, SchH3, KKL-1, "a" normal
Dam:  V - Lailana vom Kirschental, HGH "a" normal

** Lana's mother was the 2005 German HGH Siegerin, the 2006 German HGH Vize Siegerin AND the 2007 German HGH Siegerin**

Wailana (aka LANA)





VA1 Ursus von Batu ( 4- 4 )
VA1 Jeck vom Noricum ( 5 - 5 )

VA Hobby vom Gletschertopf ( 5 - 5 )
V1 Yassko von der Roten Matter ( 4 - 4 )

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

L I T T E R    B O R N    4/6/10
(  1  ) Males                      ( 5 ) Females


(Click on the PHOTOS below to download a video of the pups) 

PUPS BORN 4/6/10:

Well … it’s been one “heck of a week” for me and Lana! Monday was a long day! Watching Lana be uncomfortable and checking her temperature several times was like taking a pregnant woman to the hospital to give birth, and waiting for all the nurses and doctors to say, “yes, she is in labor!”. Her last temperature drop was at 3:30 pm dropped to 98.4, so I knew 2nd stage labor could be anytime … right? Then Monday night came, and of course I couldn’t leave Lana in the whelping room “all by herself”, what if she needed me! So I pulled out my old faithful lounge chair and grabbed a blanket and catnapped off and on all night. When Lana would move, …. I would wake up, which was about the time I would dose off. Then daylight came on Tuesday morning, and still no puppies! I called into work, that I would need another vacation day. Lana and I went into the house for a bite to eat (she wanted a couple of pieces of ham). While I was setting in my recliner … slightly dazed, catching a glimpse of the news on TV, my thoughts wandered again to Lana … “She’s eatting ham and playing with toys! Is she REALLY going to have those puppies today! hmmmmm!” After a short rest, we went back to the whelping room and I left Lana alone for about an hour. About 8:30 am, I went back out to check on her, and “low and behold” … Lana was having contractions! WOW … the time has finally come! Or at least, the time would be here at 11:25 am, when the first pup was born! I continued a steady watch throughout the day, assisting as needed, and by 4:00 pm, the 6th and final pup was born. The head count was 1 male/5 females.

Puppy Update - Week 1:

It is with sad news that since the last posting, we have lost two pups. The male and a female. Both pups were the smaller of the pups. The first week after pups are born is very critical. The pups cannot see or hear, and rely on their sense of smell to find Mom for food. Mom is protective of the pups, and doesn’t want other dogs or interference with them. Since Lana is primarily a house dog, she hasn’t been comfortable in the whelping room, so I have brought her pups into the house where Lana is most comfortable… you’ll see this in the photos below. These four girls are very healthy and happy and right now, they sleep about 80-90 percent of the time, are eatting the rest of the time. As you can see from the photos, the pups have grown a lot since they were born.

Puppy Update - Week 2:

The pups turned two weeks old on Tuesday, 4/20/10! And they are growing like little weeds! They are barking a little and recognize my voice. They are also starting to walk, though somewhat shaky still. I think these little girls are … angels! At least this week, they are! Enjoy this weeks photos!

Puppy Update – Week 3 (4/27/10)

The girls turned three weeks old today! And talk about “personality +++++”, they ALL have a ton of it!

The past week, they have began to walk better, began eatting some puppy gruel with a little yogurt mixed in … which is like having 4 toddlers in 4 high-chairs, and 1 person trying to feed them OATMEAL all at the same time! I don’t know who has the most on them … me or them? The pups are lapping water from a bowl now, though I think they prefer to drink out of my hand! They are also starting to play and explore. This morning, two girls discovered the TV, they watched it for a couple of minutes! I think I need to invest in a playpen for the living room! One girl found the kitchen today and Mom’s empty food bowl. Lana looked at her as if to say, “Can’t a Mom have some privacy around here???” I just told Lana, “… get use to it!

Puppy Update – Week 4 (5/4/10)

The girls turned 4 weeks old on 5/4/10. They are growing by leaps and bounds, and playing and having fun. I gave them another toenail trim, and a worming. Mom is still nursing, so the pups are still in the living room. Here are their 4 week old photos.

Puppy Update – Week 5 (5/11/10)

On 5/11/10, the pups are 5 weeks old! Life is changing to a FASTER PACE at Orumhaus Kennels! Lana is beginning to wean the puppies, as she is only wanting to let them nurse two or three times a day. On Sunday, I moved the pups into the whelping room and they have more space and can HOWL all they want to. Actually, the girls were very good in the house, and after I feed them their final meal of the day (around 10:30 pm), they potty, and play a little, then would sleep all night until they hear me get up about 6:00 am.

The pups are becoming more accustomed to eatting their puppy gruel. Now, they have TEETH! So I am leaving them some dry puppy food to “crunch on” during the day. The pups will be weaned onto EUKANUBA LARGE BREED PUPPY food. The girls also like a spoonful of plain yogurt mixed into their food, and I give them a few baby carrots to help cut their baby teeth. They are really cute munching on them. Lana LOVES carrots, and bugs me daily for at least 3 or 4 baby carrots.

Toys are a MUST for these girls! They love to squeak them … play tug of war with them … and now they also like to pull each other’s tail! OUCH! In the 5 week old photos below, you will notice how much they have grown, and becoming playful pups. You will also notice they have PUPPY COLLARS on.

Now is the time to begin planning to bring your puppy home. Since the pups will be 8 weeks old on 6/1/10, I think you may consider picking up your pup on Sunday (5/30) or Monday (5/31). Let me know your thoughts via email, and I will begin setting up appointments to pickup your pup next week. More information will be coming next week. Enjoy this week’s photos!

Click Me to view this week's photo slideshow! Or watch our first playtime video on YouTube!


Puppy Update – Week 6 (5/18/10)

The pups are now six weeks old! There are doing well and having fun. Today, the pups went outside front the whelping room to the outside kennel through the “doggy door” all by themselves! That is a big accomplishment! Also, they came back inside with only a little coaching. I introduced them to drinking out of a “bucket”, and that was also a BIG HIT with them, and wow… did they have fun (you can see all the water tracks in the videos). The girls are still nursing a little … but just for a minute or so. Mom is weaning them gradually.

Also today, Ms. Dark Pink Collar held her ear up for the very first time … and I got it on camera! Enjoy this week’s photos below and videos on YouTube.

To VIEW this week’s YouTube Videos:

(1) Ear UP

(2) Conquering the Doggy Door

(3) Puppies Nursing

Puppy Update – Week 7 (5/25/10)

The pups turned 7 weeks old on 5/25/10. All the pups are so much fun and love attention. The pups received their 2nd set of puppy shots on 5/28/10, and another worming to get them ready for their new homes. The first pup, Uleska Fehra von Orumhaus (aka Leska) went home to her new family, and she certainly had a wonderful first day. See Leska’s 1st day home pictures … when she meets her new BIG BROTHER, Tosco. Tosco (son of Nego vom Kirschental) wasn’t so sure just what his parents brought home… this time. THANKS Linda and Sara for the updates and photos.


Puppy Update – Week 8 (6/1/10)

On Saturday, 5/29/10, I took some photos of Ursula, Ursel and Utah before their new families came to pick them up. Ursel Stasi von Orumhaus (aka Stasi) and Utah Bertta von Orumhaus meet their new families later in the day, and went home. Stasi’s first day went well and her new friend, Mia, knows how to cool off on a hot day. Thanks Sara for the email and photos!


Meet Ursula Belle von Orumhaus!

Ursula Belle von Orumhaus turns 8 weeks old on Tuesday, June 1st. Ursula is an active puppy that loves people and has a strong desire to PLEASE. She likes to play, but is happy just hanging out or walking with her “person”. Right now, that person is me… and Ursula is truly a special girl. The photo below is Ursula and her Mom, Wailana vom Haus Kirschental. Click Here to Watch Ursula’s Video playing with her Mom


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