Orumhaus Kennels is pleased to announce another outstanding breeding! These pups are of 100% German Bloodlines!

*** REPEAT BREEDING - Pups BORN 4/8/2016! ***



*These pups will be located in San Marcos, Texas* For information, contact Rick or Cheryl Gorry by phone or email at rcgorry@yahoo.com *

SG-Ice vom Kirschental (aka Illo)
"a" Normal hips and "a" fast normal elbows
Sire:  V-Panjo vom Kirschental, SchH3, KKL-1  
V-Laiga vom Kirschental, SchH1, KKL-1

CLICK HERE to see Ice's video for more details & photos!


Ice (aka Illo)







Sysco von Orumhaus
Sire:  Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloss
Dam:  Freda von Orumhaus, OFA-Good

** Freda is the daughter of
V-Nego vom Kirschental, SchH3 & SG-Fran Zando's Enna, SchH1**









L I T T E R    B O R N    4/8/2016


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

( 3 ) Males                      ( 2 ) Females


(4/8/16) - Sysco whelped 5 beautiful and healthy puppies! Photos below are the puppies at 1 week old! More photos coming soon.


More puppy photos at 3 and 4 weeks old!

The following photos are from their PREVIOUS Litters!

< November 2014 Litter >

(11/16/14) - Sysco whelped 6 beautiful and healthy puppies today! Photos below are the puppies from newborn to 4 weeks old!

(12/27/14) - Meet this gorgeous female puppy from Sysco and Ice. Her name is Major.

< 2013 Litter >

(11/24/13) NEWBORN PUPS - Sysco began whelping her pups on Saturday evening and labor continued through Sunday morning. Mom and pups are doing well.


(11/27/13) PUPPIES AT 3 DAYS OLD - Sysco and puppies are doing well, and the pups are growing.


< 2012 Litter >


NEWBORN PHOTOS of Sysco's pups whelped on Wednesday, 11/14/2012:


The puppy photos below are from Sysco & Ice's 2012 litter:


... as the puppies grow!

Gunner at 7 months

Gunner (ABOVE) at 7 months old is owned by Rubin Flores, of San Antonio.  Ruben is on our reference list.

Cooper as a baby Getting to be a big boy Cooper is a big boy at 7 months old!

Cooper (ABOVE) at 7 months old! Stephenie Fowler comments on Cooper, " ... he's back from his month long training where everyone loved him and hated to see him leave, be we were ready for him to be back home with us! Cooper is as smart as a whip and so easy to handle. He's protective, but doesn't go overboard. He listens well and wants to please you of course. WE LOVE HIM!

Sachee ... and here's Sachee!



Photos BELOW are "young adult" photos from their first Litter!

Meet Cissie

(Female from Sysco & Ice's first litter!)

Cissie as an adult!

Male from Sysco & Ice's first litter!


Click above for "everyday" photos of Baster, the GRANDDAD!


For More Information, CONTACT the Litter Owners:

Rick or Cheryl Gorry
San Marcos, Texas

(830) 379-0265


Updated 5/10/2016