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INSTRUCTIONS: To view a photo album, click on the photo album icon in the category you want to view. Once the gallery comes up, click on the icon on the right side of the gallery. While viewing, some photos can be enlarged. Also you may choose to view the photos via a "slideshow" by selecting "slideshow". It may take a few moments for the album to load, depending on your internet speed.

Over the years, we have accumulated hundreds of photos of our German Shepherds. Even though this website displays lots of photos of our stud dogs and breeding females, and their pups, I have decided to create some "speciality" albums of our favorite photos. In viewing our photo albums, it is my desire that you will be able to see our dogs and some of the pups we have produced over the years in their family and daily settings. Please note that this is an enormous project that I have been working on for months. I still have lots of digging out old photos and scanning them in to do, as well as creating the photo album itself. And once a photo album is up, I will still be adding new photos to it, so come back and view it again later! All photos in these albums are the property of Orumhaus Kennels or courtesy photos from the owners of Orumhaus puppies, therefore, they are copyrighted. If you would like a photo, please ask permission via email to Claudia Orum.

ORUMHAUS PUPPY OWNERS: If you have special photos of your Orumhaus pup that you would like to share with others via these albums, please send them to me via email. THANKS!

Special "thanks" to Mrs. Pamela Rody for her help and assistance in finding the photo album software and to all my puppy owners for submitting their photos for inclusion in the albums.


All Photos are Copyrighted 2007


Last Update: 12/04/2007