Orumhaus Kennels
(For AKC Registration Papers)

It is our goal as "breeders" to produce excellent quality puppies at a reasonable price which will meet the criteria of the new owners.  This means that regardless of whether the new owner wants a quality pet, family dog, working dog, or even a breeding dog, we want to offer them quality puppies that have this potential.  As breeders, we familiarize ourselves with the bloodlines of our dogs, and strive to learn as much as possible of the genetic traits that they carry and pass onto their progeny.  Some of the genetic traits we specifically monitor in our breeding dogs include, but are not limited to: temperament, character, soundness of health, hip dysplasia, work ability.  In this regard, we encourage communication with the new owner even after the puppy is sold and as the puppy grows into an adult.  This is the only way we know that we are on the right track.

However, even though solid genetics is the foundation of our puppies, it should be noted that genetics only makes up part of the dog.  The other part, which is also extremely important is made up from what is called "enviromental factors".  Environmental factors that effect a dog are best explained as the result of the environment in which a puppy grows up in.  This environment begins the moment the puppy is born, and continues all his life.  Cleanliness of the puppy's kennel area, regular vaccinations against disease as recommended by a licensed veternarian, socialization, a safe living environment, as well as safe and sound training methods are a few of the "environmental factors" that contribute to the outcome of an adult dog.

At Orumhaus Kennels, we begin with quality breeding stock from excellent bloodlines, with NO known genetic problems.  Then, all of our breeding stock are xrayed for hip dyplasia, and will either receive an OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certificate or a German "A" stamp stating their HD rating.  All our dogs are monitored by and visit our veternarian periodically for checkups to insure their good health, as well as kept current on vaccinations.  As you can see, we care about our dogs and their progeny, and that is why we are doing our best to place our pups in a proper environment

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the primary dog registry recognized in the United State of America.  However, this registry, as well as others, does not require "specific" guidelines to be followed or offer a "specific" breeding program that monitors the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) for temperament, hip dysplasia (HD), or have a minimum breeding age of two years old.. Therefore since all of our puppies are registered with the AKC, and because we feel that it is of the utmost importance for the future of the GSD to maintain good temperament, health, structure and workability, we are utilizing the one tool that the AKC has provided us "limited registration". 

The AKC extends breeders the option of registering puppies as "FULL REGISTRATION" or "LIMITED REGISTRATION". "Full Registration" gives full control to the new owner as far as when and how the dog is bred and specifically allows any progeny produced by this dog to be registered with the AKC provided that the mate was also AKC registered with "full registration". "Limited Registration" does not allow the new owner to register progeny produced by the dog, even if the mate was AKC registered. With a "Limited Registration", you may still enter AKC competition events (see AKC website)Also, this does not mean that the dog cannot achieve the "Full Registration" status, it just means that the dog must meet specific guidelines before being eligible.

If you would like to purchase a puppy with "Full Registration", you can purchase a puppy who is six months or older. At this age, we can do preliminary hip radiographs (x-rays) to determine the presence of HD. We will also have assessed the positive and negative conformation traits of the pup and be able to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of using this puppy in your breeding program. However, because of the extra time and effort we put into these puppies, their purchase price will be considerably higher than the price of our pet quality puppies. We recommend this option for serious breeders who have established a breeding program.

If you are more interested in a pet that you may or may not want to breed in the future, we recommend that you purchase a pet quality puppy. Pet quality puppies are sold at eight (8) weeks of age with "Limited Registration", with the OPTION to change to full registration later should we mutually agree that the dog is a breed worthy specimen that meets the breeds' standard. Because of the quality of dogs that we produce, the possibility of your puppy developing into a breed quality dog is very high, and we encourage you to follow our requirements for achieving "Full Registration".

Guidelines for Obtaining a "Full Registration"

1. The dog must not display any disqualifying faults specific to the AKC GSD breed Standard.

2. The dog must be at least two years of age.

3. The dog's hips must have been x-rayed, evaluated and hips passed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or the Verein für Deutsche Shaefferhund (S.V.) of Germany. When the hips are x-rayed at two years of age, the OFA will evaluate the hips, and if they are good, will issue the dog an OFA certificate with the rating of EXCELLENT, GOOD or FAIR. However, in Germany the hips may be evaluated at twelve months of age for the German "a" stamp, and if they pass, they receive either the "a" normal, "fast" normal, or "noch zugelassen" rating.

4. Proof of good temperament and trainability must be provided through the dog's achievements. This can be acknowledged by receipt of any one of the following titles.

  • Certificate of Graduation from an obedience class
  • German BH
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • Companion Dog (CD)
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Therapy Dog (TD)
Most of these titles are fun to get and a fair determination of your German Shepherd's temperament and trainability. We will consider any other titles you may achieve with your dog that are not listed above, and of course we encourage you to pursue higher titles. Basically, we want to make sure you have taken the time to socialize your dog and that it is indeed a good prospect for breeding.

You will spend some money to meet these requirements, but the cost of our pet quality puppies is low in comparison to the price of similar animals sold by other breeders. Quite simply, you are buying an excellent quality dog at a very reasonable price, and we are protecting our kennel name by only allowing dogs with good hips and temperament to be bred. 

The bottom line is that breeding quality, NOT QUANTITY, German Shepherds takes more effort than most people realize and we simply want to discourage and prevent unscrupulous people from producing puppy mills and/or breeding without regard for hip dysplasia, temperament and other health issues. It is essential for the future of the German Shepherd Dog that breeders take control and practice "good breeding" methods to produce German Shepherds as they should be intelligent, strong, sound, healthy, dependable, noble and capable of whatever job their master wants them to pursue!

We thank you for your interest in pursuing the purchase of a "quality" German Shepherd Dog, and we will strive to answer any questions you may have regarding our limited registration policy and guarantee.


NOTE:  German Shepherd Import Puppies and Adults will be registered with the Verein für Deutsche Shaefferhund (S.V.) of Germany, and therefore, will be eligible to be registered with the American Kennel Club under their "Foreign Registration" policy.  If the Foreign Registration papers are completed and submitted to AKC by the new owner, the resulting AKC registry will be as a "Full Registration".



Effective March 2000