Tributes to the German Shepherd Dog

This page has been created to illustrate my personal perception of THE TOTAL GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG.  It is my most sincere desire to thoroughly familiarize you with the many jobs that a German Shepherd can hold, and why breeding the Total GSD is so important to the future of the breed.  Not every puppy will grow up to be a police dog or even have a specific job. But every puppy should be bred for excellent temperament and intelligence, and appropriate drives. A puppy with well-balanced drives will be able to participate in many different areas. It is important that high drive dogs have a job! I hope you find the following links and articles helpful to better under this beloved breed.

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - For Guide, Service & Therapy Work
A Guide Dog in the Family by David Boyd
Family Accepts the "New Brunswick Disability Award" for Garnet Boyd's Outstanding Accomplishments

About Service Dogs

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - For Police, Military and Search & Rescue Work

On 9/11/02 Duty Called - Our Canine Heros Were There by Unknown Author
The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. (LINK)

Search and Rescue Dogs - GSDCA article

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - Herders of the Flock
The history of the world reknown Kirschental Kennels of Germany-(Breeding herding GSDs since 1951) LINK

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - Family and Companionship
German Shepherd Dogs:  The Family Dog by Claudia L. Orum
Children and Dogs - MUTUAL RESPECT by Claudia L. Orum 

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - For Sport ... Schutzhund & Agility

What is Schutzhund? DVG description
What about Agility?


The FCI German Shepherd Standard